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Dr. Ryan Harris

Shockwave therapy testimonials

After undergoing Arthroscopic Surgery on my left knee to repair a torn ACL, I underwent extensive physiotherapy without full recovery due to chronic, muscle spasms and scar tissue.  After one visit to see Dr. Harris I noticed measurable gains in pain relief along with range of motion.  Finally, after completing my course of Shockwave Treatments I was at a loss for words in regards to the gratitude I had for Dr. Harris' help.  Shockwave was the best therapy I received over 3 years of pain and I'm a willing advocate that it works!

Sincerely, Kenton D.

Dear Dr. Harris,

It is common for almost all business professionals to claim great service, outstanding results and personal attention.

The reality is that truly excellent service with integrity is quite rare....unless you have met and worked with Dr. Harris.

Having worked with over 1000 companies over the past 30 years, it is wholeheartedly that I would recommend Dr. Harris as one of the select few who truly fit in the top 1%

Michael D.

Since 2001, I have been unable to walk for any more than 45 minutes to an hour, or put constant pressure on the ball of my right foot.  In the last 9 years, I have been to 2 Podiatrists and have been prescribed 2 different insteps supposedly to correct the problem to no avail.  My husband noticed that Dr. Harris' practice was offering a new treatment for Musculoskeletal Conditions, a problem I felt I had.  I made an appointment right away to have a consultation, with
Dr. Harris, who examined my foot and felt that the treatment would definitely help.

I began Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment right away, and after the first session I was able to hike on a camping trip we left for the next day.  After the first hour I had a little trouble, but it went away quickly, and was able to continue on.  After the second treatment a week later, the improvement was amazing. I could walk and be on my feet all day with very few symptoms, but certainly nothing to slow me down.  I received another treatment and still more improvement.  I really feel like I am back to normal!  I have not been able to walk or be as active as I now am in over 8 years; the change is absolutely remarkable.  I would recommend the Extracoropreal Shockwave Treatment to anyone, as it's done wonders for me.

Glenna G.

Dear Ryan:

Allow me to thank you for giving me a life again!  Last Christmas I was sure my enjoyment of life was over my back pain was that severe!  I can understand why some people resort to desperate measures to find relief!  Not only did you bring me back to normal, but began my treatment at a time when others shut down for the Christmas holidays. I was thus able to go back to work right after New Years.  Now three months later I am looking forward to retirement this Fall and doing all the physical things that make it wall worthwhile.  A totally unexpected crippling pain in my left foot (plantar) was relieved with only four sessions of extra-corporeal shockwave therapy.  Thank you!!

Again, many thanks!


I am 52 years old and have had chronic back, hip and knee problems since I was a young teen, probably from taking ballet, and I have always done the right thing by going to chiropractors, physio, etc.  Since I have been coming to Glenmore Chiropractic I am finally getting results.  For the first time Dr. Ryan Harris has been able to manipulate my back, which makes me quite excited to be on the way to recovery.

I have really enjoyed coming to Glenmore as all of the staff are personable, fun and very caring.  Thank you so much for making my life easier to cope.


Due to an injury to a rib (muscle tendon), I suffered daily pain in my back and shoulders.  Over the course of 18 years I tried physiotherapy, massage, trigger point injections, regular chiropractic treatments, and pain killers to no avail.  I decided to give Shockwave Treatment a try as in theory it made sense.  After tempering my treatments due to my extreme sensitivities from fibromyalgia, I feel remarkably pain-free and rejuvenated; where I was only able to walk with my arm still or supported in a pocket before, I am now walking with a full arm swing.  I have been pain-free for 4 months.  I am now looking forward to Dr. Harris applying Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy to other areas of my body affected by Fibromyalgia.

I would recommend this to anyone suffering needlessly from pain.  Why pump your body full of medications that often don't work, but poison your system?  I only wished I had tried this treatment sooner.

As a 52 year old father of two very active teenagers, I have felt very fortunate not only to snowboard with them, but to be able to keep up with them physically.   I unfortunately experienced a knee Injury one day up at the hill, but thought that I would be back snowboarding within a month or so.  After a very frustrating year of many visits to my Doctor, months of Physiotherapist Treatments, and trips to the Chiropractor, I said "Do I give my new Snowboard to my son and accept the fact that I'm going to limp the rest of my life?"  That's when I was referred to Dr. Ryan Harris for Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment.

Within 24 hours of my first treatment I knew that it was going to be successful for my injury.  I could not be more grateful that Dr. Harris offers this technology, and now because of this, I will be back on the hill snowboarding this winter!

Joe H.

Six years ago I was having serious issues with both of my feet.  I was a young lady living a life of a young cripple.  I tried everything under the sun and spent hours of time with Doctors and Physiotherapists with no success -- life was filled with intense pain.  I found Dr. Harris on the internet, called him up and booked an appointment right away.  Within one visit I felt an enormous difference and after a total of seven (Shockwave) treatments, my six years of pain has finally ended.

I am now able to walk again and even able to go back to work!  I have a new found life thanks to Dr. Harris and I highly recommend him to help with your issue(s), as my life is forever changed!  Thank you so much Dr. Harris for your hard work and wise knowledge!

Marlene T.

When I first came to Glenmore Chiropractic I had so much pain in my hip and leg that every movement was a challenge.  Ryan quickly diagnosed the problem and set up a course of treatment.  He and his staff were caring and professional, they treated me like a member of their family.  And I am now pain free -- there is nothing I find a challenge!

Pat W.

I am writing this little note so that other people can have the relief and the joy of being pain free.  When Dr. Harris opened his practice in the Yates Road mall I was one of his first patients.  He worked on my back, neck and both shoulders.  He massaged my aches and pains, and within a couple of weeks I became a new person: happier and pain free.

Thank You so much,

Rita B.

I presented to Dr. Ryan Harris in the middle of February, 2010 with stiff, rigid muscles and experiencing a considerable amount of pain. I had very little flexibility throughout my body and this caused very restricted movements in every aspect of my life.  I am 64 years of age, soon to be 65, and I have lived with muscle tightness and muscle spasms since I was a child of ten.  The really severe spasms started when I was twelve.  This condition has been chronic throughout my life.

I have previously had physiotherapy, acupuncture and Hellerwork treatments to alleviate the body pain and to gain more flexibility.  I aqua jog three times a week, walk regularly, do stretching exercises daily and go for regular massage therapy.  All of this has certainly helped me to continue on with my life and given me some sense of relief from pain.  None of it, however, has been able to address the tight, rigid muscles.  They felt "stuck" and would just not let go so that I had more flexibility.

Dr. Harris tried to adjust my skeletal structure during my first visit but the muscles were so tight nothing would move. He started the Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy on my first visit and throughout the following week, I could feel definite changes in my flexibility.  I was able to bend and reach further with out pain and I felt stronger and more grounded when I was walking.

I have been receiving treatments regularly for several weeks at this point and although I have more work to be done, the difference in my body and especially in my level of pain is phenomenal.  I can automatically do simple daily movements without worrying about how I am going to approach them with out causing a lot of pain and avoiding my back going into spasm.  Dr. Harris is now able to adjust my skeletal structure which also relieves the pain.

I read about Dr. Harris and the Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in an article in the Capital News.  I read the article on a Sunday and called Glenmore Chiropractic Clinic on the Monday.  My first appointment was on Thursday and I was so excited about trying a treatment that would perhaps give me some relief and more quality to my life.  I am so thrilled I made that call.  I no longer live with constant pain and I am enjoying life so much more: My energy level is much greater and I now know I can participate in simple, everyday tasks without worrying about how I am going to execute them and at the same time, protect my back.

I highly recommend the Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy treatments.  They have significantly changed my life.  Treatments are not painful, not invasive and I am very comfortable while receiving the therapy.  The outcome of the treatments has definitely improved my life and I look forward to it only getting better!

Shirley W.

The choice to start chiropractic treatment was one of the best I have ever made.  It completely changed my daily life.  No more physical restrictions due to chronic pain.  I can live freely, Dr. Harris really knows what he is doing.  I also highly recommend Shockwave Therapy.  It is very effective.  Thank you Glenmore Chiropractic!

Spencer B

I would personally like to add my name to the list of others, (I am certain), in attesting to the beneficial effects of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy.  Having endured chronic, daily pain and a greatly reduced flexibility in my right Achilles tendon for more than two years, I was somewhat skeptical that any non-invasive solution could resolve this issue.  I had previously tried a program of Ultra-Sound and Physiotherapy, which not only had no effect, but also cost me hundreds of dollars.

Having taken Dr. Harris' advice to undergo a three-session program with Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, I immediately noticed significant improvement in my flexibility. It greatly reduced any discomfort and strain on my Achilles when participating in walking and hiking activities, as well as the everyday tasks of going up and down the staircase.

After a six week period, and three treatments from Dr. Harris, I was excited to return to his office for my follow-up, so I could report the renewed flexibility in both my foot and ankle.  I was alleviated of all the pain I had previously endured, and had finally returned to a life I had not known for years!  The added bonus to my story is the fact that I did not have to drive to Vancouver to find a trained professional to do the procedure AND that I was admitted into a Therapy program within days of my initial request.

Many thanks to Dr. Harris and his staff.

Tom C.

For the first time in 10 years I have greater mobility/flexibility in both shoulders and I am constantly sharing this new flexibility with my family and friends. The change is truly amazing and thank you for making my life better.

August 9, 2013

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