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Shockwave Therapy For Foot Pain

I have been dealing with this injury for months or years and tried everything.  Nothing has worked…what do I do?

Shockwave Therapy, the only therapy I found to get rid of my pain and heal my injury.

Pain in the feet is one of the most debilitating injuries we can be plagued with.  We tend to take our feet health for granted, however, until we are practically immobilized by a foot-related issue.  Feet play a large role in the foundation of our spinal health; in fact many spinal problems begin at our feet.  (Feet, by the way have 26 bones and 3 arches!) Feet are expected to support our weight and be our shock absorbers, as well as help us adapt to a variety of surfaces.  The ability of our feet to perform optimally, however, is affected by arch problems, unequal leg length, issues with gait, poor joint function in the foot and excessive force, to name a few.  These issues can not only cause foot pain but can also cause ankle, knee, hip and spinal problems. (In other words, if you are suffering with knee problems, for example, you may want to have your feet checked by a chiropractor.)

Pain may be felt in the arch of the foot (Plantar Fasciitis), the heel (Plantar Fasciitis or heel spur) or at the back of the ankle (Achilles Tendonitis). Unfortunately, we continuously use our feet, which makes healing from related injuries very difficult. Plantar Fasciitis is an overuse injury affecting the fibrous tissue that forms the arch. Heel spurs can form when the fascia tears at the heel attachment and results in pain in the center of the heel. Achilles Tendonitis is irritation of the Achilles where the calf muscle meets the heel and can result in pain in the calf, the Achilles, or the back of the heel. The inflammation from overuse leads to pain as well as deposits of scar tissue, further inflaming the area each time the Achilles or plantar fascia are used. After the body has tried for weeks or months to heal the injury with no success, it gives up and healing stops.

Shockwave Therapy breaks up scar tissue, restoring the function of the muscle and promoting new blood vessel growth, stimulating faster healing. In fact, in a double-blind study published in Journal of the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, 90% of patients suffering from heel and arch pain showed significant improvements with Shockwave.  I have helped many patients who have been experiencing chronic foot pain.

Remember, if you are suffering with foot pain now, chances are that if you do not address it soon, it will worsen over time.

I have had foot pain for several years now on the ball of my foot which was affecting my toes.  The pain was so bad it would stop me from walking.  I had a family wedding in July and danced 3 dances and couldn’t do anymore.  My wedding was coming up in 3 weeks and I was really worrying about that.  Then I saw the ad in the newspaper and called Glenmore Chiropractic about the Shockwave Treatment as I had seen that there were many positive results from their patients.  I booked all I had time for before my wedding and thank goodness I made that phone call because after just 3 treatments I danced all night at my wedding!