Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers is an important component in treating many musculoskeletal conditions as the muscles function to move the joints.  Often the body’s natural response to protect when we’re in pain can work against the chiropractor’s ability to help the patient. We have outstanding massage therapists that work with our chiropractors when needed to tackle stubborn conditions. The benefits of massage therapy include increased blood circulation, reduction in swelling, relaxed muscles, and increasing range of motion so that the chiropractic adjustment holds more effectively.

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About Us

Glenmore Chiropractic was created with the purpose of bringing chiropractors, massage therapists and the latest in therapeutic technology together to better serve your needs.


Cancellation Policy

In courtesy of your therapist & fellow patients, we ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice of cancellation, or a cancellation fee will be charged.

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