Shockwave Therapy and Knee Pain

Whether you are an athlete, in your golden years of retirement, or the typical person on your feet all day at work, if you have suffered a knee injury you know how debilitating it can be. Tendon injuries are very common and there are three types of knee injuries that I often encounter: iliotibial band syndrome (pain on the outside of the knee); patellar tendonitis (pain below the knee); and hamstring injuries (leading to pain in the back of the knee). As well, many people suffer from arthritis which often results in knee replacement surgery. Each of these injuries comes with its own set of obstacles for effective treatment with conventional methods Tendonitis can create fibrous adhesions and scar tissue that disrupts the normal function of the muscle; arthritis erodes the cartilage, decreasing the joint space; and surgery, although sometimes necessary, creates scar tissue on the surrounding muscle and tendon, binding the knee and creating soft tissue pain.

For the past seven years I have successfully been using shockwave therapy to treat these conditions as shockwave therapy breaks down scar tissue and adhesions and stimulates blood vessel growth to restore muscle function and promote healing. There are also increasing numbers of journal articles supporting the use of shockwave therapy for knee pain/injuries/arthritis. For example, The Journal of Surgical Research showed ESWT is effective in preventing knee arthritis. The American Journal Of Sports Medicine, 90% showed significant improvement in patellar tendonitis with ESWT. Furthermore, in The Archives of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, it was indicated that ESWT caused a significant reduction in the progression of knee arthritis (stimulates cells to produce cartilage).

Dr. Harris specializes in Shockwave Therapy and has performed over 30,000 Shockwave treatments making him one of Canada’s most experienced Shockwave Therapists. Results are often experienced within a couple of visits and the treatment is covered by many insurance companies. Call 250-763-3580 to book a free consultation.

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