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Tom C.

I would personally like to add my name to the list of others, (I am certain), in attesting to the beneficial effects of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy.  Having endured chronic, daily pain and a greatly reduced flexibility in my right Achilles tendon for more than two years, I was somewhat skeptical that any non-invasive solution could resolve this issue.  I had previously tried a program of Ultra-Sound and Physiotherapy, which not only had no effect, but also cost me hundreds of dollars.

Having taken Dr. Harris’ advice to undergo a three-session program with Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, I immediately noticed significant improvement in my flexibility. It greatly reduced any discomfort and strain on my Achilles when participating in walking and hiking activities, as well as the everyday tasks of going up and down the staircase.

After a six week period, and three treatments from Dr. Harris, I was excited to return to his office for my follow-up, so I could report the renewed flexibility in both my foot and ankle.  I was alleviated of all the pain I had previously endured, and had finally returned to a life I had not known for years!  The added bonus to my story is the fact that I did not have to drive to Vancouver to find a trained professional to do the procedure AND that I was admitted into a Therapy program within days of my initial request.

Many thanks to Dr. Harris and his staff.