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Shirley W.

I presented to Dr. Ryan Harris in the middle of February, 2010 with stiff, rigid muscles and experiencing a considerable amount of pain. I had very little flexibility throughout my body and this caused very restricted movements in every aspect of my life.  I am 64 years of age, soon to be 65, and I have lived with muscle tightness and muscle spasms since I was a child of ten.  The really severe spasms started when I was twelve.  This condition has been chronic throughout my life.

I have previously had physiotherapy, acupuncture and Hellerwork treatments to alleviate the body pain and to gain more flexibility.  I aqua jog three times a week, walk regularly, do stretching exercises daily and go for regular massage therapy.  All of this has certainly helped me to continue on with my life and given me some sense of relief from pain.  None of it, however, has been able to address the tight, rigid muscles.  They felt “stuck” and would just not let go so that I had more flexibility.

Dr. Harris tried to adjust my skeletal structure during my first visit but the muscles were so tight nothing would move. He started the Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy on my first visit and throughout the following week, I could feel definite changes in my flexibility.  I was able to bend and reach further with out pain and I felt stronger and more grounded when I was walking.

I have been receiving treatments regularly for several weeks at this point and although I have more work to be done, the difference in my body and especially in my level of pain is phenomenal.  I can automatically do simple daily movements without worrying about how I am going to approach them with out causing a lot of pain and avoiding my back going into spasm.  Dr. Harris is now able to adjust my skeletal structure which also relieves the pain.

I read about Dr. Harris and the Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in an article in the Capital News.  I read the article on a Sunday and called Glenmore Chiropractic Clinic on the Monday.  My first appointment was on Thursday and I was so excited about trying a treatment that would perhaps give me some relief and more quality to my life.  I am so thrilled I made that call.  I no longer live with constant pain and I am enjoying life so much more: My energy level is much greater and I now know I can participate in simple, everyday tasks without worrying about how I am going to execute them and at the same time, protect my back.

I highly recommend the Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy treatments.  They have significantly changed my life.  Treatments are not painful, not invasive and I am very comfortable while receiving the therapy.  The outcome of the treatments has definitely improved my life and I look forward to it only getting better!