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Joe H.

As a 52 year old father of two very active teenagers, I have felt very fortunate not only to snowboard with them, but to be able to keep up with them physically.   I unfortunately experienced a knee Injury one day up at the hill, but thought that I would be back snowboarding within a month or so.  After a very frustrating year of many visits to my Doctor, months of Physiotherapist Treatments, and trips to the Chiropractor, I said “Do I give my new Snowboard to my son and accept the fact that I’m going to limp the rest of my life?”  That’s when I was referred to Dr. Ryan Harris for Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment.

Within 24 hours of my first treatment I knew that it was going to be successful for my injury.  I could not be more grateful that Dr. Harris offers this technology, and now because of this, I will be back on the hill snowboarding this winter!