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Sandra T. de Blois, Ph.D. 

I received Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy at Dr. Ryan Harris’ clinic in March and April 2013 for chronic Tennis and Golfer elbow in both arms.  At my first appointment, the pain in my right arm was so severe that Dr. Harris’ secretary had to fill the intake form for me.  This condition was completely debilitating, especially because I own a horse breeding and training farm and I could not perform any of the activities that are required to care for my horses.  Twenty four hours after the first treatment I noticed that several of the trigger points in my arms had disappeared.  There was a steady improvement following each treatment (6 in total) and I rate my total improvement to 85%.  The pain during the treatment was very tolerable, no more severe than what I experienced when I received deep tissue massage therapy.  I was very impressed with Dr. Harris’ professionalism and his dedication to helping people using this state of the art technology.  I found him to be generous of his time and showing genuine compassion for my predicament.  I recommend Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy to anyone suffering from chronic, debilitating tendonitis.