Kinetik Therapy

Treating my patients over the past 12 years with Shockwave Therapy and seeing first hand how incredibly profound this remarkable therapy can be for so many people, I decided to create a name to represent the cutting-edge technique I have developed over the past 30,000 treatments. I call it Kinetik Therapy and it not only represents an incredibly successful and evolved technique, it represents over a decade of passion and dedication toward understanding chronic soft tissue injuries and how I can improve the quality of life of my patients suffering with them.

In Canada, we have been lucky enough to have Shockwave Therapy spread from city to city and change the lives of tens of thousands of suffering people, but countries like the United States are still in desperate need of an answer to their chronic pain. This is why we have begun to open clinics south of the border, so that we can help bring relief to thousands more. It is my dream that I can not only introduce the proven technology of Shockwave Therapy, but teach others an advanced technique and bring Kinetik Therapy to our friends to south.

As my practice has advanced over the past several years, I have chosen to prioritize exceptionally high standards for my therapists. That is why the training program my therapists receive at my clinic is the most extensive anywhere to date. I take great pride in what I do and the therapy we provide, which is why I will continue to maintain such strong communication, support and training for each of our therapists. This same program is not only used for the therapists in my office, it is used for the therapists in our U.S. practices.

As our office has been a pioneer and leader in Shockwave Therapy for the past 12 years, Kinetic Therapy will become a leader in chronic pain management across the globe.

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